5th for RVB Boys & Girls at U15 National Finals

Both the boys and girls junior volleyball teams from Richmond Volleyball Centre of Excellence finished 5th at the Volleyball England u15 National Volleyball Finals, which took place at the National Volleyball Centre, Kettering on Saturday 10 May.

For the boys it was the 2nd time in two years to qualify and from six teams (two groups of three teams), RVB were drawn with Wessex Leaf (VE National Volleyball Academy) and lost 2-1 and Boswell’s (VE Regional Academy) and lost 2-0. Both Wessex and Boswells won thier respective semi-finals and qualified to the Final. In the 5th and 6th play-off match RVB had to face Boswells B and RVB won the match 2-0.

For the RVB girls it was their 1st time to qualify and they were drawn with Tettenhall Tigers A and Tameside A (VE Regional Academy) and lost both matches 2-0. In the 5th and 6th play-off match RVB had to face Tameside B and RVB won the match 2-0.

This is a great achievement to Richmond Volleyball Centre of Junior Excellence showing lots of dedication and enthusiasm to inspire juniors to play volleyball and excel to elite level. RVB has made considerable efforts over the past 18 months to engage with the South London & Surrey Investment Zone application in the interest to develop RVB junior players and to develop a full time training venue. We are currently disadvantaged due to limited court time at our disposal and high venue costs. Competing against National and Regional Academies that have full time venues at very reduced costs is very difficult.

However RVB and South London has outperformed three of the five national investment zones and is rapidly expanding through their extensive community schools programme and aims to continue to keep improving the standards. I hope that we will be able build on this success in the future, continuing to advance our RVB Junior performance teams.

Once again, on behalf of RVB we would like to thank all the players, coaches, parents, venue training hosts for all your support and for a year of excellent and exciting volleyball. It was amazing to see how the players have grown throughout the year, not only as a team but individuals. The players have made us all proud!

u15 Boys Final Results
(1st) Boswell A Academy School (Essex)
(2nd) Wessex Leaf (Dorset)
(3rd) Redhill (Midlands)
(4th) Chadwell Heath (Essex)
(5th) Richmond Volleyball (London)
(6th) Boswell B Academy School (Essex)

u15 Girls Final Results
(1st) Academy of Beach Volleyball (Devon)
(2nd) Tameside (Manchester)
(3rd) Tettenhall Tigers A (Midlands)
(4th) Boswells Blaze A (Essex)
(5th) Richmond Volleyball (London)
(6th) Tameside B (Manchester)