RVB NVL2 Women : Finishing Year on a Winning Note

Last weekend NVL2 team traveled away to play vs current league leader Reading Aces.What a game it was! Richmond did not leave any hope for Aces wrapping up the match in 3 sets.

It is time to celebrate!!

Head Coach Giorgio Scatigna-Gianfagna”GSG” commented: “For our match of the season we had 10 very focused players. We had a plan and the plan worked perfectly. From the start we imposed our game and always stayed in front.

First set was the best I have ever seen from this team with exceptional blocking by Katie, powerful hitting by Aurelia and clever point making by serving by Gledia over 11 points. First set ended with a brilliant hit by Issie in the middle at 25-13.

Second set saw a little lack of concentration, but after a time out the girls regrouped and Richmond closed it at 25-18 thanks to great shots by Aurelia, tactical serving by Gledia and some exceptional defence by Ana.

Hosts tried to put some pressure  but Richmond refused to be intimidated and kept their cool doing simple things well, changed the rotation, swap players around, and stormed to close the third set and game at 25-15.”

GSG added :” These girls have taken in the game plan and executed it perfectly. I am so proud of them. They stayed together, worked very hard and  deserve this victory. Every player deserve mentioning for their effort and concentration ”

This result and one game in hand put Richmond within one point from the current top Reading.

In the meantime, our neighbours Aschombe defeated Oxford 3-2 which means that Richmond closes the year with only one defeat compared to two for Reading and Oxford.

The dream lives on.  Now it is time for a well deserved rest before a very busy January and February.