Thank you for your interest in joining Richmond Volleyball Club.

Currently, many of our training slots are full for this season however more spaces may be opening up.

Please fill out the form below and you will either be put on a waiting list or if there are suitable spaces available we will be in touch (please allow at least a week).

Please note we generally only respond if spaces are available. Many apologies if you don’t hear from us – it probably means that there are currently no suitable spaces available, but please rest assured that you have been put on a waiting list and we will be in touch if and when something opens up.

Thank you for getting in touch!

    Indoor VolleyballBeach VolleyballGrass VolleyballSitting Volleyball or Para Volley

    Additional Information for Indoor Volleyball:

    Beginner / Never played Indoor Volleyball but want to learnBeginner+ / Have attended indoor training but still learning the basicsImprover / Understands the basics but inconsistent - have played 4 v 4 but not 6 v 6 - several years of experienceIntermediate / Can execute all the basics consistently - progressing to 6 v 6 formation playIntermediate+ / Have played 6 v 6 in competitive league playAdvanced / Play at national club level / Play a specific position

    I've not played any specific positions yetOutside HitterOpposite HitterMiddle Blocker/HitterSetterLibero

    Additional Information for Beach Volleyball:

    Beginner / Never played Beach Volleyball but want to learnBeginner+ / Still learning the basics - have played some 4v4 but not 2v2Improver / Understands the basics but inconsistent - learning to play 2v2Intermediate / Can execute all the basics consistently - have played 2v2 matchesIntermediate+ / Have played 2v2 in competitive tournaments (1-2 Star UKBT or equivalent)Advanced / Regularly competing in advanced tournaments (3 Star UKBT or equivalent)Advanced+ / Regularly competing in national and international tournaments (4-5 Star UKBT or equivalent)Experienced indoor player who wants to learn beach volleyball

    Yes, I don't mind playing outdoors in cold weather.No, beach volleyball is just a summer sport for me.Not sure, but I'm willing to give it a go.

    Information for Sitting Volleyball or Para Volley:

    We currently don't offer any Sitting Volleyball or Para Volley, but we would still love to hear from you!

    We may be looking to add new sessions in the future subject to availability and demand or can direct you to other clubs in the area.

    Never player before<1 year ago1-3 years ago3-5 years agoOver 5 years ago

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