After every match the “Richmond Docklands” man of the match is selected by the coaching staff and presented with the Black Knight award. The Black Knight was a character in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who epitomises a never say die attitude against the odds. The first ever winner of the award was Docklands’ legend Albrecht Glitz after the 2003 cup final.

The top ten of the All Time winners plus the current squad is below.

1Mohammed Sliti16
2Albrecht Glitz15
2Boris Halatchev15
4Andy Vincett13
5Alexis Blair12
6Marc Schaepertoens10
6Mark Baechli10
6Matteo Cottignoli10
9Martin Blake8
9Mohammed Ali Tighsazzadeh8
9Raul Sanchez Galan8
9Slawek Omylski8
13Andrew Pink7
13Panos Karagiannis7
23Flavien Hias5
28Vuk Kosanovic4
33Dankielson Westphal3
33Joaquin Bello3
33Marcel Sivak3
41Javier Bello2
41Jonathan Anderson2
41Julian Marcon2
60Anton Kornilov1
60Marcin Konpa1
60David Fajkus1