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NVL Men’s Div 3 South League Table

Key: W (won) and L (Lost).

2017/18 Season

DateEvent Warm up / triang.orderHomeAwayResults
Sun, 24/09/2017NVL311am - 1stRichmond VBWiltshire Mavericks(W) 3-2
NVL33rdRichmond VBSurrey Spikers(W) 3-0
Sun, 1/10/2017NVL311am - 1stChelthenham & GloucesterRichmond VB(W) 1-3
NVL32ndWiltshire MavericksRichmond VB(W) 1-3
Sun, 22/10/2017NVL311 am - 1stDartfordRichmond VB(W) 1-3
NVL32ndUrbond PortsmouthRichmond VB(W) 1-3
Sun, 05/11/2017NVL311 am - 1stRichmond VBGuildford(L) 2-3
NVL33rdRichmond VBSouthampton (W) 3-0
Sat, 11/11/2017u18 Cup R1TBCTBCQualified
Sun 19/11/2017NVL3Richmond VBTeam Bristol(W) 3-0
NVL3Richmond VBUrbond Portsmouth(W) 3-1
Sun, 12/11/2017NVL32ndCheltenham and Gloucester Richmond VB(W) 0-3
NVL33rdSouth Hants Richmond VB(W) 0-3
Sat, 9/12/2017u18 Cup R2TBCTBCQualified
Sun, 07/01/2018NVL311 am-1stSouth HantsRichmond VB(W) 0-3
NVL32ndGuildfordRichmond VB(L) 3-0
Sun, 19/11/2017NVL311 am - 1stRichmond VBTeam Bristol(W) 3-0
NVL32ndRichmond VBUrbond Portsmouth(W) 3-1
Sat, 20/01/2018u18 Cup R3TBCTBC
Sun, 28/01/2018NVL311am - 1stDartford MenRichmond VB
Sat, 10/02/2018NVL311am - 1stSouthamptonRichmond VB
Sm 04/03/2018u18 Cup (Last 8's)TBCTBC
Sun, 04/03/2018NVL32ndSurrey SpikersRichmond VB
NVL33rdCardiff CeltsRichmond VB
Sun, 18/03/2018NVL31stCardiff CeltsRichmond VB
NVL32ndTeam BristolRichmond VB
Sun, 08/04/2018u18 Cup FinalTBCTBC