RVB JuVo grows in its 2nd year

In glorious sunshine more than 230 young competitors (45 teams) from all over London and Surrey schools came to Grey Court School (Richmond) and contributed to the success of the 2nd  Richmond Volleyball Regional Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S) Junior Volleyball (JuVo) for Schools Tournament.

Supported by Fulham FC Foundation and Premier League 4 Sport, Richmond Volleyball growing reputation across London and Surrey schools attracted a very impressive number of 45 team entries (18 courts) making the day to be a huge success. 

The tournament was supported by 12 young leaders from RVB, who were instrumental in the running of the event, refereeing and managing the courts throughout the afternoon. The tournament included an U11, U13 & U15 age groups matches for both boys and girls. There were some great matches and the standard of volleyball was very impressive.  It was clear to see how much the young people had progressed attending their regular school volleyball clubs and RVB satellite clubs.

Final Standings

Yr 5/6 Mixed (u11’s)
1st St Elizabeths (2) Richmond ; 2nd St Elizabeths (3) Richmond ; 3rd St Elizabeths (1) Richmond ; 4th Darell School (1) Richmond ; 5th St Elizabeths (4) Richmond ; 6th Darell School (2) Richmond ;

Yr 7/8 Girls (u13s)
1st Orleans Park Richmond ; 2nd Tiffin Girls (1) Kingston ; 3rd Grey Court (2) Richmond ; 4th Richmond Park Academy (1) Richmond ; 5th Rivers Academy Hounslow ; 6th Grey Court (1) Richmond ; 7th Tiffin Girls (2) Kingston ;

Yr 7/8 Boys (u13s)
1st Orleans Park Richmond ; 2nd Hampton Boys School (1) Richmond ; 3rd Isleworth Syon (1) Hounslow ; 4th London Oratory (1) Hammersmith ; 5th Rivers Academy Hounslow ; 6th Grey Court (1) Richmond ; 7th Isleworth Syon (2) Hounslow ; 8th Grey Court (2) Richmond ;

Yr 9/10 Girls (u15’s)
1st Tiffin Girls (1) Kingston ; 2nd Rivers Academy Hounslow ; 3rd Tiffin Girls (2) Kingston ; 4th Grey Court (3) Richmond ; 5th Richmond Park Academy (1) Richmond ; 6th Grey Court (1) Richmond ; 7th Grey Court (2) Richmond ;

Yr 9/10 Boys (u15’s)
1st London Oratory (1) Hammersmith ; 2nd Hollyfield (1) Kingston ; 3rd Isleworth Syon (2) Hounslow ; 4th Hampton Boys (1) Richmond ; 5th Hollyfield (2) Kingston ; 6th Isleworth Syon (1) Hounslow ; 7th Richmond Park Academy Richmond ; 8th Rivers Academy Hounslow ; 9th St Benedicts (2) Ealing ; 10th St Benedicts (1) Ealing ; 11th London Oratory  (2) Hammersmith ; 12th Hampton Boys (2) Richmond ; 13th Grey Court (1) Richmond ; 14th Grey Court (3) Richmond ; 15th Orleans Park Richmond ; 16th Grey Court (2) Richmond ;

T-shirts and medals were presented to the winners and medals to runners up for both the boys and girls competitions by David Rijvers (Director of Volleyball for Schools and RVB Club) and were impressed by the size of the tournament and commented on how much fun the young people were having.

RVB would like to thank everyone for making this tournament a great success and has hopefully inspired all the young people to continue playing volleyball and hopefully recruit more young people to the sport.”We look forward to welcoming back all participants and seeing many new team entries for 2014.