Up to 12 teams play on 3 courts in 4 rounds for the title “King of the Court”. The court is divided into a king’s side and a challenger side. It’s a knockout race that makes every rally count! Suitable for intermediate and advanced players who are looking to take part in an intense and fast paced competitive session. You can come with a partner or as individuals (in which case we will put a team together for you).


Registration and ticket sales for the open session is now via Team App only. We no longer accept cash payments on the day. Click the button below to join us on Team App:

Find us on Team App

To buy tickets for this session please join the “Mixed Adults” group. Tickets go on sale the preceding Saturday at 6pm.


  1. Download Team App (free) to your smartphone here (http://teamapp.com/app).
  2. Launch Team App.
  3. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  4. Log in. Then search for Richmond Volleyball Beach and request access to the Mixed Adults group. This will be approved automatically.
  5. Go to Sessions and find the session you want to book.

Or watch this video for instructions on how to register using the Team App website.