Grievance Procedures

  1. If the Richmond Volleyball member has a complaint or grievance concerning a player/member, it must be set out in writing and sent, or a copy of it to Club Secretary.
  2. Richmond Volleyball will appoint an impartial member (“IM”) from its Main Executive Committee.
  3. The (“IM”) will invite the player/member to attend a meeting to discuss the grievance. The player/member may be assistant at such meeting either by a colleague/parent of fellow member.
  4. The meeting must not take place unless the player/member has had a reasonable opportunity to consider his/her response to the complaint/grievance.
  5. The player/member must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting. If the player/member does not attend the meeting then the (“IM”) may consider the grievance in his absence, adjourn the hearing or take such other action as deemed necessary.
  6. After the meeting the (“IM”) will inform the player/member of his decision concerning the complaint/grievance and their decision is final.

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