2012/13 RVB Club Awards

As the curtain falls on the 2012/13 volleyball season it’s an appropriate time for RVB to congratulate and show our appreciation for the efforts and achievements of our members during the 2012/13 season. Here’s a bit about them and the winners.

Club Volunteer of the Year
Martin Rees, Neil Kenyon, John Goalen, Peter Willis, Barbara Echevarria, Hayley Mangan

Young Club Volunteer of the Year
Issa Batrane, Sebastian Wieckowski

Players Player of the Year
Luis Bello (Male), Pat Willis (Female)

Most Improved National League Player of the Year
Issa Batrane (Male), Erika Bradley (Female)

Most Valuable Junior Player of the Year
Issa Batrane (Male), Jaz Vaczi (Female)

Most Improved Junior Player (u18)
Josue Seeking (Male), Mara Gelmetti (Female)

Most Improved Junior Player (u16)
Vuk Kosanvic (Male), Mai Bando (Female)

Most Improved Junior Player (u15)
Nick Farrer (Male), Lucy Wan (Female)

Most Improved Junior Player (u14)
Javier & Joaquin Bello (Male), Martha Bullen (Female)

Most Improved Junior Player (u12)
Yoan Kuzmanov (Male), Molly Donovan (Female)

Many congratulations to all the winners.