Dig Deep Beach Volleyball Fitness Training

Saturdays, 9.30 AM to 10.30 PM

Venue: Teddington (Broom Rd, Recreational Ground)

Dig Deep is RVB’s HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session.

HIIT is one of the most effective & popular styles of training for fitness without any equipment on sand. It will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic systems, meaning you’ll improve cardiovascular endurance and build strength at the same time. Plus, your muscles will work overtime blasting more calories than they would with just steady state cardio alone.

Although exercises are designed for volleyball fitness participants you don’t need to have volleyball skills – so the session is open to all who play or don’t play volleyball.

Why Dig Deep

* Working on sand – harder & burn more calories
* Working in groups – stay motivated
* Working outside – increase your energy levels
* Support given throughout the session

Format – 60 minutes

* General Warm-up – 5 min
* Circuit Training 1 – 15 min
* Group Exercises – 15 min
* Circuit Training 2 – 20 min
* Warm-Down – 5 min


Saturday Dig Deep FitnessCostStatus / Availability
Spring (Block 1) £30.00Open - limited to 16 people
Spring (Block 2 )£30.00Open - limited to 16 people

Unfortunately these programmes are NOT pay as you go (PAYG)


WeeksSpring Workouts = Block 1Notes

Spring Workouts = Block 2
631.03.2018 OFF Easter

As beach fitness is an outdoor programme and it has been known to rain occasionally in London we have to let you know that ALL OUR BEACH EVENTS WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE. Only in EXCEPTIONAL weather circumstances will we not run our events.

As the sand can be can be very cold during the winter months, it is recommended to wear sand socks to keep your feet warm.

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