• bring their own volleyballs
  • bring their own whistle to officiate games

Teams that have been assigned as COURT MANAGER for that evening will need to PRINT and take the following documents:
League Scoresheet
(print 3 copies)

League Playing Schedule
(print 1 copy and fill the futures from the website)


  • act as a point of contact between the match day officials, league secretary & venue management
  • ensure the net is set up at the correct height/tension (i.e. Div 1 men’s height & Div 2 mixed height)
  • check with Team Coordinators and fill the team list on the score sheet making a note of any new players who need to be registered on the night
  • ensure that all matches start and finish
    as scheduled
  • print and hand out score-sheets to officials
  • collect all score-sheets at the end of the evening and keep them to the end of the season for dispute resolution
  • check that score sheets have recorded notes if teams were incomplete or have not started their fixture on time.
  • ensure that teams do not share players from the same division to complete the teams
  • ensure that all equipment is put out safely at the end of the games
  • Court Manager must photograph or scan the scoresheets and email or text the results to the League Secretary by WEDNESDAY
    Please include the Fixture Date and Division 1 / 2