RVB Women NVL 1st Team Roster

2014/15 Team Roster

Name Position Height Country of Origin
Tatiana Roglova Outside Slovakia
Kelly Woolford Middle England
Erika Bradley Outside Canada
Diana Csok Outside/Opp Hungary
Alice Alden Opposite England
Nadine Kotte Setter Germany
Karina Kristensen Middle Denmark
Sabrina Sulllivan Universal Italy
Vera Kenyon Coach FIVB Russia
Deborah Lane Team Mgr USA


RVB Women NVL history

Click the date to view the team picture and team list. Key: (C) Champions, (P) Promoted (R) Relegated.

Season National Division League Standing National Cup National Shield
2014-15 Division 2 South n/a n/a
2013-14 Division 2 South 6th n/a n/a
2012-13 Division 2 South 6th n/a n/a
2011-12 Division 3 South 2nd (P) n/a n/a